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Only 836 Bottles: Invest In New Glenfarclas 50 Yo With Attractive Pricing

Glenfarclas - the latest winner of "Distiller of the Year". 50 years old. Super limited. But the price is far from reflecting the potential or similar whiskies.

Glenfarclas: In Brief

Glenfarclas is a single malt whisky distillery located in the Speyside region of Scotland. The distillery has a long and rich history dating back to 1836 when it was founded by Robert Hay. But it was not until 1865, when the distillery was acquired by the Grant family (not to be confused with Grant's whisky), that it really began to take notice on the world Scotch whisky scene.

The early years at Glenfarclas were marked by hard work and dedication as the distillery struggled to establish itself in a fiercely competitive market. Despite this, the distillery continued to grow and develop - building a reputation for producing high quality single malt whisky with a distinctive and recognisable character.

One of the key factors in Glenfarclas' success was their commitment to traditional production methods and focus on quality. The distillery still uses many of the same techniques that have been in use for over a century, and they use only the best ingredients in their production. This has helped to establish the distillery as one of the leading producers of single malt Scotch whisky in the world - a stage shared with names such as Macallan, Talisker, Lagavulin, Bowmore and others.

Over the years, Glenfarclas has continued to develop and grow, increasing production capacity and expanding into new markets. Today, the distillery has a capacity of around 2.5 million litres of pure alcohol per year, making it one of the largest single malt whisky distilleries in Scotland.

Independent And In Family Hands

Despite its success and growth, Glenfarclas remains one of the few independent, family-owned distilleries in Scotland, and Glenfarclas is thus a true testimonial to the rich heritage and traditions of Scotch whisky production. Today, the distillery is run by the sixth generation of the Grant family and continues to produce high quality single malt Scotch whisky that is loved and enjoyed by whisky lovers and connoisseurs around the world.

In short, Glenfarclas is the story of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to traditional production methods. Today, despite massive growth and expansion, Glenfarclas remains a shining example of the rich heritage and traditions that define Scotch whisky production.

Glenfarclas 50 YO

Breaking News: Glenfarclas Is The World's Best Distillery

At least according to the recurring "Icons of Whisky" competition, which each year honours the best players in the industry - from distillers and distilleries to retailers and bars. In January, the verdict was "Distiller of the Year 2023" and at the top of the podium was Glenfarclas.

A citation like this does not tell you much about the 50 YO whisky you can invest in here, but it does tell you a lot about Glenfarclas' stature and capability, and it is certainly elite in nature.

Glenfarclas 50 YO Limited Edition: A Tribute To The Family Dynasty

Glenfarclas was able to announce in December their latest release of some of the oldest whisky the distillery has ever put on the market.

Glenfarclas 50 YO is a limited-edition single malt whisky bottled at 50% ABV, honouring the 50th anniversary of Chairman John Grant.

With a full 50 years in Spanish sherry casks, this release is a testimony to Glenfarclas' ability to encapsulate time and present a piece of history in a very limited release.

This Glenfarclas is only bottled and released in 836 samples. It is not the first time that Glenfarclas has released 50 year old whisky. This also happened in 2016 and 2019 (also in extremely limited quantities).

Glenfarclas 50 YO

Vintage Whisky Is Extremely Expensive - But Glenfarclas 50 YO Is Something Special

You do not need to be particularly well versed in the world of whisky to know that vintage whisky can quickly become quite expensive. If the bottle says just 18 years old, it may not even require one of the biggest brands before the price goes up dramatically.

If we stick to the big, iconic distilleries, the price rises almost exponentially once the age exceeds 18. With 81 years being the oldest whisky ever released (The Macallan The Reach, 81 YO), it is clear that 50 years belongs in exclusive company, which also easily comes with a hefty price tag. For example, according to, you will have to pay more than €80,000* for a Macallan 50 YO, €32,000* for a Bowmore 50 YO 1969, while you can get away with €21,000* for a Glenfiddich 50 YO.

Here you can acquire the latest Glenfarclas 50 YO limited edition for investment for €5,000.

There are of course other parameters than just age that should be taken into account in such a comparison here. The point is simply that you have a unique opportunity to acquire 50-year-old whisky (!) for just €5,000 (!) despite the fact that Glenfarclas is not an irrelevant producer, as the latest award is testimony to. At the same time, the release is super limited. This new Glenfarclas release just looks like a great vintage whisky at an extremely lucrative price.

*Best price on, excluding duty, tax and VAT.

The DCI Model

The DCI Model

When we talk about whisky as well as wine investment, it is also elementary to have an eye on the end user. Once the investment has to be realised to the right buyer, the DCI model is good at mapping who the audience for a given whisky is. There is no doubt that Glenfarclas 50 YO is attractive to investors as well as collectors. What is interesting in this case, however, is the pricing, which otherwise on 50 year whiskies often narrows the "drinker" audience. Granted, €5,000 for a bottle of single malt is a lot of money, but by virtue of that price it does not just appeal to the top segment of top drinkers in the world - you would be surprised how many "drinkers" there are for €5,000 whiskies. Especially if it says 50 years on the bottle.

RareWine Invest Opinion

Whisky investment is interesting. And not just because, according to Knight Frank, rare and exclusive bottles have returned an average of 428%* over the past 10 years. No, whisky is also a time capsule, a window into what skilled coopers and distillers have been working on for countless years.

But more interesting here and now is Glenfarcla's brand new release of their latest 50-year whisky, which as well as being among the distillery's oldest ever releases is also bottled in only 836 samples, delivered in a beautiful Glencairne bottle, and matching engraved display box. Investment-wise, though, the price here is exceptionally interesting - it is not often that you come across 50-year-old whisky in this price range. Not if it is a reputable and great producer. And certainly not in such a limited release.

*Knight Frank The Wealth Report 2022

Invest In The Latest Release Of Glenfarclas 50 YO

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Glenfarclas 50 YO Limited Edition700OWC1€ 5.000
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